Carb choice


CarbChoice is your DNA profile to help choose the right carbs.

By helping to remove the trial and error of determining your best diet and exercise regime, this simple home DNA test could be a fast-track to achieving your nutrition, weight loss and fitness goals.

And you don’t have to undertake this journey alone. Dr Lisa will help interpret your personalised genetic report and guide you through your CarbChoice journey.

How CarbChoice works

CarbChoice gives you a simple score between 1 and 14, contained in a comprehensive report that guides your dietary, exercise and lifestyle choices according to your DNA.

  • An easy to understand visual classification of your ability to process
    starchy carbohydrates
  • Data on typical carbohydrate content of many common foods
  • Menu suggestions and meal plans
  • Exercises to upregulate or improve your amylase activity, an enzyme that breaks down and processes starchy carbohydrates in the body.

CarbChoice is a test that could set you up for life.

How the Order Process Works

Once your order has been processed, Dr Lisa will contact you to discuss next steps. Depending on your location your Kit will either be mailed to you or you may collect it in person from Dr Lisa's Central Coast Practice. Once your results are in, Dr Lisa will contact you for a follow up consultation.